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If you’d like your child to have a strong foundation for tumbling, dancing, cheerleading, and other athletic activities as they grow, sign up your child in one of Premier Tumbling & Dance’s tumbling programs. We have classes for each skill level to help them to continue to grow and develop.

  • Mommy and Me – 18 months - 3 years - During this half hour class, your toddler will begin with fun stretching activities and focus on developmental movement, coordination, balance, strength and peer interaction. Parents or guardians will be active participants in the class.
  • Tot Tumblers - ages 3 – 4: During this 45 minute class, your toddler will begin to develop flexibility and tumbling skills. The class focus will be on somersaults, bridges, balancing in headstands, cartwheels, arm strengthening and coordination skills.
  • Tumbling/Ballet Combo for ages 3-6
    This is a combination class, spending 1/2 hour learning tumbling and strength skills as taught in the tot tumbling class and 1/2 hour of beginner ballet.
  • Tumbling Level 1 / Level 2: The class focus is on cartwheels, running cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, back bends, strength, balance, coordination, running round-offs, kick-overs, back bends, front limbers and mastering basic skills.
  • Tumbling Level 3: You must have a back bend and kick over on the floor. This class will focus on walkovers, aerials, front and back handsprings, and round-off backhand springs.
  • Tumbling Level 4: You must have a back handspring and round-off back hand-spring series unassisted. The class focus is on tucks. We will work on standing tucks, round-off tucks, and round-off back handspring tucks. We will also work on aerials and continue to strengthen the back handspring series.
  • Tumbling Level 5: The class focus is on layouts, aerials, strong handspring series and standing tucks. Must have round off tuck unassisted.
  • Tumbling Level 6: This is a twisting class. Must have a solid round-off layout, without a spot.

Class schedule

We are located in Loveland, OH and serve the entire Cincinnati, OH area.

Contact Premier Tumbling & Dance today at 513-677-1240 for all of your Cincinnati, OH dance class needs.

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